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When it comes to selecting a class designa for your home there is no better direction to look than wooden flooring. This natural product brings life into your home while adding class and sophistication.

There are many different styles of wood you can choose from, along with a huge array of stains. This keeps your wooden floor unique and helps match the design from your floors throughout the rest of your home.

We are going to take you through our wooden flooring range to help find the pros and cons of wooden flooring as well as looking at the difference between wood flooring and laminate flooring. For more information on laminate flooring specials follow the link.

Wood Flooring Prices


Straight off the bat, there is a vast difference between wood laminate flooring prices and wood flooring prices. What is the price of wood flooring in South Africa? Roughly R 1100.00 per square meter of flooring where the laminate flooring prices are around R 250.00 per square meter on average.

Now you must be thinking why is there such a difference in price between wooden flooring and laminate flooring? Wooden flooring is a natural product and if treated correctly with the right maintenance can last you over a lifetime.

In some situations, you do not have control over your home such as flood damage for more information on what to do in this situation follow the link.

Let’s take a look at some of the different wooden flooring available in South Africa.

Wooden Floor – PURE Pre-Finished Engineered Timber


Supplied with a lifetime structural integrity warranty and a 25-year finish and wear warranty. This wooden flooring holds both quality and value for money. This engineered wood flooring price is R 899.00 per square meter.

This range of wooden flooring is designed with an oak top face, strengthened with a wood strip core with a tongue and groove pattern for a smooth installation. There are 7 different options in this range; Classic, Coffee, Grey, Ivory, Invisible, Oyster and Unfinished.

With these different styles, you can redesign your home or you can fit this wooden flooring to match the look and feel of your dream home.

For more information on these natural flooring styles please follow the link.

Wooden Flooring – FinOak Engineered Timber Pre-Finished


This is where the fusion of natural wood joins with engineering to make a superior strength product. Finoak has designed this wooden floor with a 3 ply 10mm core supporting the 4mm oak top face all on top of a 1mm backing board.

This wooden floor is supplied with an invisible UV Lacquered (LOBA) for protection and longevity of life, and a wax fold down click system.

This is full of character, rustic grade wooden floor with visible knots to bring to life the natural colors of this oak wood floor. A light brushing has been used to enhance and highlight the natural grain of this wood floor.

Supplied with a 25-year limited manufacturers warranty. This wood flooring prices ranges from R 1149.00 per square meter for the following styles; Cedarberg, Maluti, Outeniqua to R1279.00 per square meter for; Sugarbush, Tsitsikama, and Winterberg.

For more information on these solid wood floors please follow the link.

Wooden Flooring – FinOak Herringbone Pre-finished


This is a class product with a herringbone installation pattern making it the perfect wooden flooring for your feature room or entrance to your home. The size of these wooden floor tiles is 150 x 930 x 14/3mm with a tongue and groove system for a smooth installation process.

FinOak’s herringbone wooden flooring has a 3mm top oak face with a 10mm crosswise wood strip core and a 1mm backing board. On the top oak face, you will find the natural oak wood product with its natural wooden grain pattern clearly visible.

As this is natural wood flooring there will be variations in tones and knots within the wood up to 20mm in diameter.

The smooth surface sanding gives this wood a silky finish that highlights the natural grain in this wooden floor.

As with all FinOak have stamped their approval on this wood floor by supplying it with a 25-year limited manufacturers warranty.

The price of this herringbone wood floor is R 1339.00 per square meter. For more information on this herringbone oak wood flooring please follow the link.

Wooden Flooring – FinOak Rustic 260 Smooth Finish


FinOak’s rustic smooth finish is supplied with the following dimensions 260 x 2200 x 15/4mm with a 4mm top oak face that has had a dedicated sanding giving the wood a smooth silky texture. The visible knots have been filled pre-sanding to compliment the natural color and flow of the wood.

Benthe the oak top face is a crosswise wood strip core which increases the strength of the natural wood top face. This core helps with impact protection as well as keeping the integrity of the wood intact with expansion and contraction.

The core also has a wax fold down click system this helps with seamless installation as well as acting as a moisture repellant at the joins.

Wood flooring prices vary from product to product due to the quality of the wood and how it is grown as well as how sustainable the growth process is. For more information on sustainable wood farming please follow this link.

FinOak Rustic 260 Smooth Finish costs R 1550.00 per square meter with a large array of stains to choose from. For more information on this rustic oak wood floor follow the link.


Wooden Flooring FAQs

Q. Engineered vs. Solid Wood: Maintenance Differences?

Both engineered and solid wood flooring offer exceptional beauty and durability. However, there are slight variations in maintenance:

  • Solid wood flooring: Requires more frequent refinishing, typically every 3-5 years depending on traffic. Special cleaning products might be needed to maintain the finish.
  • Engineered wood flooring: Generally requires less maintenance due to its pre-finished surface. Regular cleaning with wood floor cleaner is sufficient. Refinishing is needed less often, potentially every 10-15 years with proper care.

The best choice depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Solid wood offers a classic look and the ability to refinish for a completely new aesthetic down the line, but requires more upkeep. Engineered wood is lower maintenance and ideal for high-traffic areas, but refinishing options are limited.

Q. Wood Flooring and Noise Reduction: How Does It Compare?

Wood flooring offers moderate soundproofing capabilities. Here’s a comparison with other options:

  • Solid wood flooring: Provides some soundproofing due to its natural density. Adding an underlayment pad can further enhance noise reduction.
  • Engineered wood flooring: The core construction can impact soundproofing. Options with a thicker core or cork underlayment will perform better.
  • Laminate flooring: Generally less soundproof than wood, with a hollower feel underfoot.
  • Carpet: Excellent noise reduction due to its soft fibers absorbing sound.

If soundproofing is a major concern, consider a thicker wood floor with a high-quality underlayment. Alternatively, explore plush carpets in areas where noise reduction is crucial.

Q. Pre-finished vs. Unfinished Wood Flooring: Weighing the Options

Pre-finished wood flooring offers convenience, with a beautiful, factory-applied finish ready to install. However, unfinished wood flooring has its own advantages:

  • Pre-finished wood flooring: Quick and easy to install, with a consistent color and finish throughout. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts or those seeking a fast turnaround.
  • Unfinished wood flooring: Provides greater customization. You can choose the stain color and sheen to perfectly match your décor. Ideal for achieving a unique look or matching existing woodwork.

Pre-finished flooring is ideal for those who prioritize convenience and a consistent aesthetic. Unfinished flooring offers more control over customization, but requires professional installation and staining.

Concluding Wood Floors – South Africa


Wood flooring prices can often seem expensive but the fact is that this natural product is as authentic as you can get and its style has proven to be timeless.

There are many different strains that you can add to your wooden flooring to make it unique to your home. This gives you the option to customize your wood flooring to your liking.

It is extremely important to remember that wood floors are a natural product and this means that you will get different color variations within your stain of choice and within the wood floor you have selected.

This is where the beauty of wood comes from by bringing the living natural product into your home.

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