What Is Laminate Flooring?


I absolutely love laminate flooring, so if like me you are in search of new flooring but you’re not sure what it is all about, here is some insight on how laminate flooring is made, and what laminate floors are made from.

What Is Laminate Flooring Made From?

Laminates planks are not real wood but rather made up of layers of thin plastic resins and paper pressed together.

High pressure and heat cause the materials to fuse together creating a solid piece of Laminate.

Colours and Patterns are printed on the upper layer. Laminates give the appearance of real wood and there are many beautiful types available.

Basically, there are 4 layers that go into making a Laminate board or plank. Starting at the bottom they go as follows:

  • The Balancing or Backer layer – this makes the plank stable and straight.
  • For strength and durability, the core of the laminate is called the (HDF) or high-density fibreboard.
  • A decorative layer is added, giving colour, design and pattern to the board.
  • A wear layer is added lastly which gives the Laminate shine and protection.

How Is Lamiante Flooring Installed?

Laminates are typically sold as panels, boards, or sheets, which simply lock together when installed.

Depending on how and where you are having laminates laid will depend on the application.  

For instance, if you are using laminate planks on a wall for a different appearance make sure the surface is clean, removing wallpaper etc.

Your wall surface must be primed or painted. For safety reasons DO NOT use laminates on ceilings and only use horizontally on walls.

There are a variety of textures that can give walls a unique finish, such as hand-scraped, metallic, leather and rustic.

Panels or Boards are available as rectangles or squares to specifically use on walls. These come in different sizes.

The finishes of Laminates vary from smooth, medium to a high gloss or matte.

What about durability? Are Laminate Floors Tough?

Laminates are fairly resistant to scratches and will be durable for years to come should you maintain them correctly.  

Using doormats at entrances will prevent excess dirt from tracking inside.  If you leave your shoes at the door and wear socks this will help to keep your laminates scratch-free. 

For those of you who own pets, it is advisable to keep their nails clipped on a regular basis. 

Please be aware that laminates should not be exposed to excess water as this could cause warping as the water/moisture could go between the panels. 

Be sure to use a Terri Mop (available at most DIY stores) when cleaning your floor, as well as a soft bristle broom.

Final Thoughts On What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminates are so versatile. Whether you are laying them in your living room, bedroom, passage, kitchen or dining area, they are long-lasting, warm and bring colour and clean lines to any room.

Look out for more information on DIY flooring, and good luck with whatever your home improvements may be!

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