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Traviata Flooring, a privately owned company with over 17 years of experience in the flooring industry, has grown into one of South Africa’s largest importers and wholesalers of wood flooring products and systems. 

Their success is attributed to their passion for customer service and satisfaction, and their “no-nonsense” approach. They have established strong partnerships with leading flooring product manufacturers worldwide, enabling them to offer great value for money to their customers. 

Their products, which are as environmentally friendly as possible, are sold and installed by trained and experienced national dealer networks. 

Their headquarters and main warehouse are conveniently located in Meadowdale, near OR Tambo International Airport.


Traviata Flooring Products

Traviata Flooring offers a variety of flooring options to cater to different needs and preferences.

  • Laminate Flooring: They offer two types of laminate flooring – Cadenza and Camsan. The Cadenza range, produced to the highest quality standards of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF), offers a sophisticated, highly fashionable flooring option with a four-sided bevel to create an authentic wood plank effect. The Camsan range features the ultra-high density core board from Camsan which results in lower swell rates than standard laminates.
  • Vinyl Flooring: Traviata provides two types of vinyl flooring – Rigidcore Vinyl and Glue Down. Rigidcore Vinyl is 100% waterproof and it is rigid and dimensionally stable with sound-mitigating underlayment to help minimize sound travel. Glue Down vinyl flooring is a single, high-density vinyl layer that is combined and pressed into a dimensionally stable plank which is glued to a flat concrete subfloor. Take a look at our best vinyl flooring South Africa post for more information.
  • Truwood XL: This is a 12mm water-resistant laminate flooring that combines the natural wood element and rigidity of Laminate flooring with the water resistance of Vinyl. It is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens as it can be wet-mopped. If you want more information on water damage to laminate flooring for insurance please follow the link.

Each of these products has its unique features and benefits, making them suitable for different applications and environments.


Traviata Cadenza Laminate Flooring

Let’s dive into the world of Traviata’s Cadenza laminate flooring. This is not just any flooring, it’s a blend of sophistication and style. With its 4-sided bevels, it mimics the authentic look of wooden planks. The low gloss matte surface adds a touch of modern chic to any room.

The Duoloc locking system is like the superhero of flooring installation, offering two unique techniques for flexibility. Produced to the highest standards of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring and approved by SAWLFA, Cadenza is like the “James Bond” of floors – sleek, durable, and always impressive.

The moisture-resistant core is like the secret weapon against the arch-nemesis of all floors – water. It ensures a lower swell rate than regular laminates. Plus, it comes in 8 different decors, each with color-coordinated skirtings, scotia’s, and profiles. It’s like having a wardrobe of floors to choose from!

Now, let’s talk maintenance. Imagine your floor is like a high-performance sports car. It needs regular care. Always sweep or vacuum before cleaning to remove all loose dirt and particles. For day-to-day dirt, Traviata Multipurpose cleaner is your pit crew, keeping your floor in top condition. Got a tough spot or spill? Some elbow grease with the Traviata cleaner will do the trick.

Remember, your floor is like a self-cleaning oven – it doesn’t need wax. The dense, non-porous surface provides all the protection against wear and staining that it needs. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of your Cadenza floor!

For more information on bacteria found in flooring follow this link.

Feature Specification
Panel Size 1383x214x8mm
Wear Layer AC4
Box Size 2.66m2/9 Panels
Box Weight 19.4kg
Guarantee 20 Year Residential
Lock DuoLoc
Edges 4 Sided Bevel
Core Moisture Resistant High Density Fibre (HDF)

Traviata FirmFit Click Vinyl Flooring

FirmFit’s click vinyl flooring, is a product that’s as tough as it sounds. This flooring is like the superhero of floors, with its Quartz Enhanced Urethane Coating providing extra resistance to heavy foot traffic, scuffs, and scratches. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your floor!

The Deep Structured Decorative Layer gives the look and feel of premium hardwood flooring, making your guests wonder if you have a secret forest in your backyard. The Extra Rigid Limestone-based Core is not just stable and rigid, but also 100% waterproof and free of Plasticizers and Ortho-Phthalates. It’s like having a floor that’s been to the gym – strong, fit, and healthy!

Unlike most waterproof flooring that shy away from sunlight, FirmFit is like a sunflower, perfect for rooms with large windows and a lot of sunlight. It’s also perfect for every room in your home, including 3-Season rooms, Sunrooms, and any room you can think of!

FirmFit is not just 100% Waterproof, but also has a 100% Plasticizer-free core and is a 100% recyclable green product. It’s like having a floor that’s also an environmental activist!

No acclimatisation is required, and it installs up to 20m x 20m without expansion profiles. A moisture barrier is required, because even superheroes need a shield!

In conclusion, FirmFit luxury vinyl flooring is like a master of disguise, undistinguishable from real wood and is 100% waterproof! It’s like having a floor that’s also a secret agent, ready to impress and perform under any condition!

Feature Specification
Wear Layer Quartz Enhanced – Urethane coating
Warranty 25 year Domestic / 5 year light Commercial
Panel Size 1215 x 223 x 5mm
Box Size 2,434m²
Edges Treatment V-groove painted bevel
Weight of box 18kg
Core Extra rigid Limestone-based core
Waterproof 100% Waterproof
Plasticizer-free core 100% Plasticizer-free core
Recyclable green product 100% recyclable green product
Resistance Extra resistant to impacts and indentation, as well as temperature and sunlight
Rigidity Installs with minimal subfloor prep – no heavy machinery needed
Installation Installs in wet rooms (Kitchens and bathrooms)

Traviata Tru-Wood XL Flooring

Traviata’s Truwood XL, is a flooring solution that’s like the superhero of water-resistant floors. With AtroGuard technology, it’s like the next-gen flooring solution that’s been working out at the gym.

Truwood XL was specifically developed to bring together the best of both worlds – the natural wood element and rigidity of Laminate flooring, and the beauty of real hardwood floors. It’s like a hybrid car, but for your floors!

It’s perfect for any domestic and/or commercial environment, including kitchens and bathrooms. It’s like having a floor that’s ready for a black-tie event.

You can install it up to 20m x 20m without expansion profiles. It’s like having a floor that doesn’t believe in boundaries! And it can be wet mopped, so it’s not afraid of a little water.

Minor subfloor imperfections won’t show up on this floor. It’s like having a floor with a built-in Instagram filter! Plus, it offers extra wear and scratch resistance. It’s like having a floor that’s wearing an invisible suit of armour.

The available colors include Canadian Oak, Hungarian Oak, French Oak, Nordic Oak, Peruvian Oak, and Moroccan Oak. It’s like having a floor that’s also a world traveller!

Feature Specification
Grade AC5/33
Guarantee Lifetime Domestic / 15 year Commercial
Core High Density SureCore
Panel Size 1830x238x12mm
Box Size 1.74m²
Edges V-Groove with Double PowerSeal
Box weight 18kg
Lock Tight Lock
Can be Wet Mopped Yes
Super Wear and Scratch Resistance Yes
Extra Stable with SureCore Yes
Double PowerSeal edges for extra water resistance Yes
Extra Tight lock Yes
Number of Beautiful Hardwood décors available 6
TruWood XL is produced to the highest international standards Yes
Installed up to 20m x 20m without expansion profiles Yes
No telegraphing from minor subfloor imperfections Yes

Concluding Traviata Flooring Review

Traviata Flooring offers a range of high-quality products. The Cadenza laminate flooring is sophisticated and durable, with a modern, chic appearance. FirmFit click vinyl flooring is robust and waterproof, with a limestone-based core for unmatched dent resistance. 

Truwood XL, with AtroGuard technology, combines the beauty of hardwood and the rigidity of laminate flooring, making it perfect for any environment. 

All products are produced to high standards, offering great value for money, and are environmentally friendly. Whether you’re renovating your home or a commercial space, Traviata Flooring has a solution to meet your needs.

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