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Are you looking for top vinyl flooring in South Africa? Well, flooring is an important feature of every home. Making a decision can be tough, styles change your mood changes. So selecting a flooring option to be consistent through your daily living can be a big task, what options do you look at? You could look at laminate wooden flooring for living areas and bedrooms. But for high traffic and potentially damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, it’s best to go the vinyl flooring route.

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The reason being is that vinyl is made up of synthetic materials like fibreglass, PVC and plasticizer, layered together to create a comfortable spring while walking on but also increasing the vinyl floorings resistance to moisture, scuff and heavy traffic.

  • Resilient to moisture
  • Resilient to scuff
  • Layered materials for strength
  • Spring effect for comfort

Now that we know more about vinyl flooring as well as its advantages let’s dive into vinyl flooring prices currently in South Africa with our online flooring warehouse for all your floor solution.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring specials vary from brand to brand, range to range, and style to style. We are going to run through our favourite range with varying prices and styles to help you make a decision on your dream home.

Historically speaking the question has been laminate flooring vs vinyl flooring, what’s better and why? To answer this question it depends on your personal preference. The advantage vinyl has over laminate flooring is its resilience to moisture and swelling. This allows vinyl floors to have a lifetime residential warranty.

With the new technology coming through in vinyl flooring making it thicker and more comfortable the premium range looks identical to wooden flooring while providing that long-lasting quality.

Different options are available from Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring to luxury vinyl tiles or (LVT)

Let’s jump into the products and their respective prices whether you looking for vinyl flooring in Cape Town or vinyl flooring in Johannesburg or Durban we have you covered.

Vinyl Tile – Como Earth Collection

Beautiful, tough and long-lasting is the only way to describe this range from COMO Earth. Creating a unique wood feel but without the difficulties associated with wood flooring. This range is a perfect fit through your living area into your kitchen, especially if you enjoy entertaining on a Friday evening thanks to the strength and resilience to high traffic.

What we really love about vinyl flooring tiles is that they are made up of 100% recyclable materials.

COMO Earth has put its mark of quality and recurrence into its products providing a lifetime residential warranty. The range comes in eight different styles from Galena to Kyanite.

The price of this range is set to R215/m2. For more information on this product please follow the link through to vinyl flooring tiles.

Vinyl Tile – LG Hausys Penthouse

This range is produced by one of the world’s leaders when it comes to vinyl flooring. The Penthouse range is designed to be tough and long-lasting while looking exquisite. To give this vinyl flooring its unique strength and resistance to high traffic areas.

LG Hausys has added their Polyurethane coating, to serve two major features, Enhancing the appearance of the flooring and protecting the product. This makes for easy cost-effective maintenance.

Coming with a 25-year residential Warranty at R250/m2 this range should be on your mind. With ten varying styles from ceramic to veneer to fit your needs.

For more information follow this link to vinyl tiles.

Como Stone Collection

Taking a step back from the look and feel of wood COMO has its breathtakingly beautiful stone collection. Each vinyl tile comes with a unique painted bevel adding texture creating the look and feel of natural stone.

This flooring is perfect for main bedrooms or living rooms, of different shapes, sizes and lighting. Find the style in this range that suits your home’s needs. Ranging from the light and elegant Florence to the dark and edgy Verona as seen in the image above.

These vinyl tiles are not to be confused with vinyl sheet flooring.

Being supplied with COMO’s Lifetime residential warranty you can be assured this investment will look after you. Pricing is set at R595/m2.

For more information on this beautiful stone vinyl range follow the link.

Traviloc Elemental

100% waterproof yep… oh and let’s add in stain, chemical and fire resistance while we are at it. Along with its high slip resistance, noise dust and odour free. Making this range of vinyl flooring perfect for the home, office and commercial flooring needs. Being supplied with a 15-year domestic warranty or a 10-year commercial warranty.

The price for Traviloc’s elemental vinyl flooring range comes in at R315/m2 making this tough durable and comfortable product an affordable vinyl flooring option.

The styles vary from concrete wood to faded clapboard as seen in the image above. If you are looking for vinyl flooring prices in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban follow the link.

Vinyl Plank Flooring – Traviloc Isocore Classic

The luxurious style that Traviloc has incorporated in their  Isocore Classic range is stunning, with the added bounce of incredible features such as, being 100% waterproof, installing over most hard surfaces like ceramic, tiles killing off hidden mould beneath the floor, stain fade and wear resistance.

Traviloc gives the Isocore Classic vinyl flooring range their mark of quality with a lifetime domestic warranty. The price comes in at R550/m2 with eight different styles from fissure oak white to tundra oak white.

For more information on this luxury vinyl flooring follow the link.

Final Thoughts – Vinyl Flooring Prices South Africa

Vinyl flooring technology has developed rapidly over the last couple of years increasing the strength and quality of the products to the point where they are 100% waterproof. But along with this increased technology the look feel and finish of vinyl flooring in South Africa has also developed in leaps and bounds.

Now that the luxury vinyl flooring range has these new features, it’s naturally pushing the market for people who are weighing up between using laminate flooring or vinyl flooring. We hope you have enough information to make an informed decision on your flooring investment.

Leave any questions you may have in the comment section. We would love to answer them for you.