Stair Nosing 2.4 meter length


Please take note of a few details –

  • Stair Nosing comes in pre-cut lengths of 2.4 meters. So make certain the quantity of Stair Nosing ordered is correct.
  • Stair Nosing will be automatically colour matched to your flooring selection.
  • To work out the quantity of Stair Nosing you need to order, simply measure the length of each step that will require Stair Nosing and add those measurements together, then, divide that number by 2.4, then round up.

Click here if you measured in steps

SKU: 000005 Category: Accessories and Extra's


Placing Stair Nosing at the edge of each step increases the lifespan of the stairs – the area at the end of a stair tread, is where most people place their feet, and as a result, the area of the staircase that takes the most battering. Stair nosing helps protect the most exposed areas of the stair tread from damage and general wear. It also provides a smooth rounded finish to the stairs to help minimize injury should someone fall.