Quarter Rounds 2.7 meter length


Please take note of a few details –

  • Quarter Rounds come in pre-cut lengths of 2.7 meters. So make certain the quantity of Quarter Rounds ordered is correct.
  • Quarter Rounds will be automatically colour matched to your flooring selection.
  • To work out the quantity of Quarter Rounds to order, simply measure the length of Quarter Rounds needed, then, divide that number by 2.7, then round up.

Click here if you measured in steps

SKU: 000006 Category: Accessories and Extra's


Quarter round is exactly as its name implies, one quarter of a round dowel. A 90° angel on the backside with a perfect quarter radius on the showing side. These work well around built-in cupboards in any room, or to fill corners and soften any 90° joint between trim and mouldings.