Profiles 2.7 meter length


Please take note of a few details –

  • Profiles come in pre-cut lengths of 2.7 meters. So make certain the quantity of profiles ordered is correct.
  • Profiles will be automatically color matched to your flooring selection and Skirting.
  • To work out the number of profiles to order, simply measure the length of each segment that will require a specific profile, then, divide that number by 2.7, and then round up.

Click here if you measured in steps

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There are 3 types of profiles you’ll need to select from depending on your specific room requirements.

  1. T-Moulding  Used to create a transition between two floors of equal height. i.e doorway where the flooring on either side is of equal height.
  2. End Profile – Used to stop the laminate floor against a vertical edge such as a sliding door.
  3. Reducer profile  Used when two floors of slightly different height come together. Can be used in a doorway if the floors on either side are different heights.

Please select your profiles accordingly.