Nouwens FieldTurf Range

R325.00 sq m

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In climate terms, South Africa is already living on the edge. Much of the landscape is arid or semi-arid and the whole country is subject to droughts and floods. Even small variations in rainfall or temperature would exacerbate this already stressed environment.

Climate is set to change for the worse because of rising global emissions of greenhouse gases. Indeed, there are already ominous signs of change – dry seasons are becoming longer and wet seasons are starting later. Rainfall is reported to be becoming even more variable, with rain coming in more concentrated, violent bursts. With this in mind, and with many South Africans concerned about the future water reserves of the country, it makes sense to use a product in your garden that does not use our precious natural resource – water.

  • This product is guaranteed by Nouwens Carpets for a period of 5 years against any patent and latent defects in the manufacturing process.
  • Fieldturf products are manufactured using synthetic materials and are therefore susceptible to abrasion marking and concentrated focal points of heat. Note: Fieldturf products are susceptible to contraction and expansion when exposed to variable weather conditions. Fieldturf has been designed for outdoor purposes.