Matching Skirting 2.7 meter length


Please take note of a few details –

  • Skirting comes in pre-cut lengths of 2.7 meters. So make certain the quantity of skirting ordered is correct.
  • Skirting will be automatically colour matched to your flooring selection.
  • To work out the quantity of skirting to order, simply measure the length of each wall that will require skirting, then, divide that number by 2.7, then round up.

Click here if you measured in steps

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Once you’ve found the flooring you’re happy with, don’t forget to order your skirting to line the walls around the perimeter of your room.

Apart from being a decorative add-on, skirting boards will typically protect the walls from accidental knocks, as well as wear and tear from furniture and soiling and scuffs from mops and vacuum cleaners.

When laminate flooring is laid down, there are a few millimetres of spacing left between the laminate and the wall. This space is left to allow for expansion, and is what gives laminate the term “floating floor”. Skirting is used to help hide these spaces and make your floor look well finished off.