FinFloor Supreme

R275.00 sq m

Total Area per box: 2.325 sqm

Cost per box: R640.75

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Please note: Fitment Flat Rate of R90/sqm


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FinFloor Supreme laminate flooring is the architect’s choice for affordable laminate flooring that is made from a high-density Conifer fibreboard with an average core density that is greater than 850kg/m3.

All this simply means is that a laminate flooring’s core density will be either HDF – High-Density Fiberboard or MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard.

The core layer is the central board upon which the other laminate layers are attached.

The fiberboard core is made of highly compacted wood fibres that are bonded with resins.

The core of the board is designed to support the weight and stress put onto the laminate by foot traffic. This means that the Finfloor Supreme range’s HDF core provides you with a strong, sturdy plank underfoot.

All Supreme laminate flooring is hypo-allergenic and does not contribute to the growth of dust mites. Is environmentally friendly, low maintenance and easy to clean, the perfect flooring solution for your home and office.

FinFloor is an innovative company that has proudly had its doors open since 1996. Constantly creating products that we are proud to sell, and that you will be proud to have in your home.

This beautiful product is slightly wider than its previous versions and comes in a variety of 6 eye-catching colours for you to choose between. All of these colours have an authentic wood grain finish, as well as a v-groove edge.

When you’re making a purchase for your home, especially a real investment – like flooring – It is always better to choose quality. Make a decision you’ll end up thanking yourself for by investing in a quality flooring product that is guaranteed to bring you satisfaction anytime you enter the room.

Your flooring, although underfoot, is always in your peripheral vision, meaning it is never out of sight. So why not make your flooring a statement piece all on its own.