FinFloor Authentik Herringbone

R620.00 sq m

Total Area per box: 2.20 sqm

Cost per box: R1364.00

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Please note: Fitment Flat Rate of R110/sqm


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FinFloor Authentik Herringbone is genuinely a superb product. A unique cutting style used by the manufacturers of this floor gives these laminate planks a pattern and fitment structure that was previously reserved for solid wood flooring at a very high price range, however, these new FinFloor laminates provide extreme luxury and elegance at a fraction of the price.

The FinFloor Authentik Herringbone is a first of its kind in the country. One of the reasons DesignaFloors works so closely with FinFloor as a supplier is because we can count on their quality and manufacturing integrity.

FinFloor is an innovative company that has proudly had its doors open since 1996. Constantly creating products that we are proud to sell, and that you will be proud to have in your home.

The popular design trend of herringbone is now available in the durable and hypo-allergenic herringbone laminate tile option that is quick and easy to install in 10 pattern variations. (See the product gallery image for the pattern options.)

This unique product is available in 6 unique colours. This incredibly stylish designer laminate is 12mm thick and much quieter underfoot. The marvellous herringbone planks are finished off with a natural locking painted V-groove. The v-groove adds texture to your flooring and really highlights the run of the room.

These herringbone laminate planks look wonderful in open plan living areas but also don’t feel out of place in the intimacy of a bedroom. Nothing compares to the extraordinary patterns of a herringbone floor!

When you’re making a purchase for your home, especially a real investment – like flooring – It is always better to choose quality. Make a decision you’ll end up thanking yourself for by investing in a quality flooring product that is guaranteed to bring you satisfaction anytime you enter the room.

Your flooring, although underfoot, is always in your peripheral vision, meaning it is never out of sight. So why not make your flooring a statement piece all on its own.

Warranty: 25 years Heavy Domestic use / 5 years General Commercial use.