Como Fire Collection

R439.00 sq m

Total Area per box: 4.17 sqm

Cost per box: R1830.63

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Please note: Fitment Flat Rate of R90/sqm

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The COMO Fire Range is designed to be tough, durable, long lasting and beautiful! Based on the proven Como quality of virgin core materials and UV resistant decor papers, we have stretched the design parameters to include our in-register texture and unique edge detailing. Vinyl offers countless possibilities and remains one of the most affordable and maintenance-friendly flooring options today. Bathrooms and kitchens are two of the most popular rooms for vinyl flooring. Due to its durability, vinyl flooring is ideal for busy rooms which experience a lot of traffic. Wet or damp rooms where spills and stains are more likely can also benefit from vinyl flooring which is much easier to clean and is water resistant. Vinyl flooring tiles are 100% recyclable and provides yet another environmentally friendly flooring solution that helps to alleviate the pressure we place upon our natural resources.

COMO Warranty: Lifetime residential