Classen Solido Elite

R348.30 sq m

Total Area per box: 1.996 sqm

Cost per box: R696.60

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Classen Solido Elite is a quality laminate flooring produced in Germany using the most modern of production methods, in one of the world’s largest laminate factories. This ensures a consistently high level of quality.

Solido Elite has an Isowaxx® coating that prevents moisture from seeping into the joins of the flooring. This makes it incredible in warm living areas and spaces that may experience higher humidity. What this incredible Isowaxx coating also means is that any little spills or accidents can be cleaned up quickly and easily with no fuss.

Classen Solido Elite has a Megaloc quick laying system which means it is easy to lay a large floor area within a short space of time. This means that there will be little downtime when installing this flooring in your home, a quick fitment job means our team will be out of your hair in no time!

The colour profile of these stunning planks brings a sleek elegant finish to any space, while still able to withstand any messes made by little kiddies or pets.

Classen Flooring is a benchmark for quality when it comes to German-produced laminate flooring products. Classen has been producing products for your home for nearly 5 decades, so it’s safe to say that their product track record is outstanding.

When you’re making a purchase for your home, especially a real investment – like flooring – It is always better to choose quality. Make a decision you’ll end up thanking yourself for by investing in a quality flooring product that is guaranteed to bring you satisfaction anytime you enter the room.

Your flooring, although underfoot, is always in your peripheral vision, meaning it is never out of sight. So why not make your flooring a statement piece all on its own.

Classen Solido Elite comes with a 20-year residential warranty.

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Dimensions 128.6 × 19.4 × 0.8 cm