Classen Extravagant Dynamic XXL

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Classen Extravagant Dynamic XXL laminate planks, which are nearly twice as long as traditional ones, in XXL size, resemble large and solid wooden planks. In extravagant DYNAMIC XXL LONG collection, they are available in eight original oak decors. This customized solution is particularly suited to a large room, visually emphasizing its magnificence.

Having these magnificent Classen Extravagant XXL laminate planks in your room will elevate the status of the room and instantly create the illusion of a larger and more spacious living environment. This is attributed to the fact that the larger Classen Extravagant XXL laminate planks mean you use less planks per room, which means there are fewer seams in the flooring, creating an almost uninterrupted flow and elegance that can only be obtained with this product.

As far as space-enhancing tricks go, this laminate flooring trick is honestly one of the easiest to execute. Simply choosing wider planks over thinner laminate strips, will make the room feel less busy and more open due to the fact that less product has been used on the floor. It’s as simple as that!

Classen Flooring is a benchmark for quality when it comes to German-produced laminate flooring products. Classen has been producing products for your home for nearly 5 decades, so it’s safe to say that their product track record is outstanding.

When you’re making a purchase for your home, especially a real investment – like flooring – It is always better to choose quality. Make a decision you’ll end up thanking yourself for by investing in a quality flooring product that is guaranteed to bring you satisfaction anytime you enter the room.

Your flooring, although underfoot, is always in your peripheral vision, meaning it is never out of sight. So why not make your flooring a statement piece all on its own.

Classen Extravagant Dynamic XXL laminate planks come with a warranty of 15-Year Residential.

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions217.5 × 24.3 × 0.8 cm

Cassano Girgio Oak 32924, Cassano Nero Oak 32923, Denver Anthracite Oak 32961, Light Denver Oak 32962, Honey Denver Oak 32998, Denver Natural Oak 32963, Denver Grey Oak 32960, Cassano Chiaro Oak 32922


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