Laminate Flooring Styles 2024 | South Africa


Laminate flooring comes in many different styles with unique designs to cater for the current trends of what’s hot and in fashion, and what was so 2020, the year we all want to get rid of. In this blog post, we are going to cover what the current laminate flooring trends and styles are going into 2024.

Laminate flooring prices range from product to product brand to brand and style to style. We are going to take you through our favourite laminated flooring styles available in our online flooring warehouse to help you decide what will work best in your home.

Laminate Flooring Prices – Different Flooring Styles


When it comes to choosing the right style of laminate flooring for your home, there is a fine line between choosing the right laminate floor and getting the right laminate flooring prices. Our pro tip is to never skimp on the quality of the product over the price.

You can always find a laminate floor with superior quality at the right price.

Take a look at our laminate flooring product range to see what suits your flooring style and budget.

Wooden flooring is a timeless style and brings a sense of class and elegance to the space that it’s covering. The problem with hardwood flooring is that not everyone has half a million rand to lay down on the floor. But you can get laminated wooden flooring at a fraction of the price with robust quality design and style.

Let us take a look at these laminated wood flooring options.

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Classen Extravagant Dynamic XXL Laminate Planks


We are starting off our laminate flooring styles 2024 with these extra-large laminate planks which have travelled all the way to South Africa from Kaisersesch Germany. These extra-large laminate boards are nearly twice as long as the traditional laminate boards.

This range of laminate flooring is available in exquisite styles of oak. From the light Denver grey oak to the dark and edgy Cassano Nero oak.

The biggest advantage to this laminate flooring is that due to the larger laminate plank size it will traverse a large area with ease while keeping the space feeling relaxed. This is achieved with the use of fewer laminate boards making the negative space feel less cluttered.

Choosing this style of laminate flooring will give you more options to play with the design around the room, making it more vibrant “busy”, like having a feature wall for example.

Classen provides their stamp of quality with this laminate floor providing a 15-year residential warranty.

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FinFloor Authentik Herringbone Laminate Flooring


What would this list of the top styles of laminate flooring be without the herringbone pattern? Pretty pathetic. Yes, the herringbone pattern has been around since the 16th century. This is because it is timeless.

For more information on this flooring, pattern history please follow this link.

For more information on this unique herringbone laminate flooring option follow the link.

Finfloor has 10 different herringbone pattern options available with this unique style of laminate flooring. Please see the image below.


These different patterns are available in color and design variations. This makes the custom choices for your home almost endless. This is the main reason why we love Finfool herringbone laminate flooring. You have full control of how you want your home to look.

This designer laminate floor is 12mm thick, 606mm long and 101mm wide making it rather small compared to the standard laminate plank of 8mm thick 1200mm long and 193mm wide.

Due to the small size of the herringbone pattern, it does the opposite of the dynamic XXL mentioned above. Where you will get the wow factor you are looking for from the design, pattern, style and color of your floor for the space it is in. Herringbone is great for entrance halls to homes as it makes an immediate impact visually.

Don’t forget that this laminate floor comes with a 25-year heavy domestic use warranty.

Krono Variostep Wide Body Laminated Wood Flooring


The Krono Variostep wide-body laminate plank has made its way onto our top laminate flooring styles list. This is due to its incredible resemblance to natural real wood flooring.

The wide-body laminate plank replicates the distinctive solid wood look and is as close as you can get to real wooden floorboards in size, milled joints and aesthetics.

This wide-body laminate flooring is available in 4 color variants replicating oak flooring, from long Island oak to Rockford oak.

This wide laminate board comes with a 20-year residential guarantee for areas of moderate to heavy traffic flow. Supplied with an easy installation option with the innovative 1clic2go laminate locking system making for a fast clean installation.

Final Thoughts | Laminated Flooring Styles 2024


When it comes to your flooring choice make sure that your floors style and design reflect the vision you have for your home. By doing this you can make the look and feel of your home’s style be timeless.

We love the style color options, patterns, and designs in our top 3 list of laminate flooring styles available in South Africa. These flooring options can really elevate the feel of your home with that luxurious twist that will have you and your guests saying WOW!

If you are interested in one of these products you can do a quote online with DesignaFloors. But be sure to check out our flooring measurement video to make sure you get the correct square meter of your house.