Krono Flooring Review South Africa


We are proud to sell such quality flooring through our company Designa Floors. Our experienced team of fitters will ensure that when they leave, you will have a smile on your face. This brand of laminates is made by one of the worlds leading manufacturers, so when you purchase any of their products you will be sure to receive perfection.

Is krono laminate any good? We will discuss a few options of the type of laminates that may be your choice, from unique colour and pattern to stone, or wood looks. Your home will thank you for making it the proudest on the street and your visitors will be wowed by the everlasting beauty of your laminate flooring. Looking for more information on laminate flooring prices in South Africa follow the link.

Did you know that Sweden first introduced laminate flooring in the ‘80’s so you know it has come a long way since then? Technology as well as constant creativity has welcomed a product that is very low maintenance, insulated for sound as well as anti-static features.

Krono Flooring Products What Is Best?

Staying trendy is simple when you trust in a brand that is consistent in its creativity and innovation. Bringing beauty and style to any space, be it office, home, or office at home you will not be disappointed. Each Krono flooring product mentioned is easy to install because of the click system, which may also be beneficial should you want to try your hand at DIY.

Finding the best laminate floors or the best vinyl floor is difficult you need to figure out what you want the function of your floor to be as well as keeping the look and feel of the design right for the area your new floor will be laid in.


Prima Floor Plus

With a 15-years guarantee for heavy domestic use and moderate commercial use, for more information on our commercial flooring range follow the link.

You will get many years plus of wear, and it will not fade over time. Resistant to scuffing and spills, because of the 8mm high-density fibre layer, as well as a tough wear layer, this type of laminate will take your family through thick and thin.

Always remember to wipe spills as soon as possible to prevent possible falls or slips from your loved ones. Extremely kind to the ecosystem because of the natural wood product and an A+ rating for emissions you will be safe with Krono laminate flooring.


Variostep Wide Body

Looking for flattering results in your home, then why not invest in a wider plank giving the illusion of extra space and a peaceful feel.

These planks give a solid wood look because of the extra width. Also boasting an anti-bacterial coating, an A+ rating for emissions and being kind to the environment because real wood is used in the manufacturing process, you will get more than your 20-year guarantee’s worth.

Easy to install with a simple click system, this type of flooring is a DIY enthusiast’s dream. As with Prima Floor Plus, this wider plank also has an 8mm HDF making sure that your floor is water-resistant.


Super Natural Classic

This super addition has been embossed to give a natural look and feel to your flooring. The 20-year guarantee will ensure heavy domestic use and general commercial use and has an A+ rating, meaning little to no harmful emissions.

This laminate plank has been coated with an anti-bacterial layer to inhibit bacterial growth, promoting a healthy environment, especially if you have animals that may bring harmful germs into the home, and because laminates are so hardy, a simple wipe with a damp mop will ensure a spotless floor in no time.

All these products are eco-friendly because of the manufacturing process, which we will take a look at below.

Find Thoughts How Krono Flooring Manufactured?

The first layer or bottom layer is called a Balancing Layer, which does what it says, balances the plank and gives stability. This has foam padding which improves the flooring acoustic and so there is no need for underlayment on your floor surface.

High-Density Fiberboard or (HDF) is made from wood fibres, wax and resin. With heat and pressure, they are then formed into panels. This causes the laminate planks to have superior stability and strength giving a quality product to its consumers.

Probably the most exciting layer is the Decorative Paper Layer. It is a high quality printed design giving the laminate plank its unique and realistic appearance giving the consumer a variety of choices, such as wood, stone or marble looks.

The Wear Layer is the last layer, but a very important one. This layer serves as a protector and brings durability to the floor. Because of this seal, the planks are basically saved from scuffs, scratches, stains, toys, shoes and even pets claws. This top layer also protects the floor decorative layer from fading and harmful UV rays. for more information on UV rays click this link.

You will be absolutely stunned by the range of Krono laminate flooring and your home will be beautiful for many, many years. laminates are super easy to maintain, can be laid over other floor surfaces and are a DIY enthusiasts dream because of the easy click system that is in place.

Did you know, you can now Rent-To-Own your laminates? Yes, it is true. With our easy online site, you can choose your laminates, follow the easy prompts to purchase and pay and you can revamp your flooring spaces with new and fresh laminates. Our qualified team of fitters will assist you in the fitting process if you are not able to fit yourself.

Because laminates can be laid over existing flooring, you can remove them should the need arise if you are moving premises. Please browse our website Designa Floors for more information and when you do decide to choose your flooring, you will be happy you did.