How To Measure Flooring

The Step It Out Method: How to measure flooring?

If you find yourself without a tape measure, asking yourself how to measure flooring, then don’t worry Designa Floors has you covered.

We’ve put in the development to create an algorithm on how to measure flooring correctly simply by “stepping it out”.

We call this method “Step-It-Out”. All you need to do is step out the longest, then the widest area of the room. Enter in those steps respectively when asked for the Length and Width of the flooring you’d like to order, and check the box if you used the Step It Out method.

Step-It-Out uses a precise conversion formula that we developed to assist our clients to complete their visions in the most hassle-free manners possible.

Step-It-Out gets us a 96% accuracy on area measurement, it’s fast, it’s efficient. Allowing you to get things done!

Give the video a watch, then give it a try for yourself!

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