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What a stunning way to update your flooring as well as adding value to your home. You will be the envy of all who walk across your doorway. Once they see how magnificent your living space looks, they will ask you where they can get the same

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Since 1996 Finfloor has been supplying quality laminate flooring, vinyl flooring and engineered wooden flooring. Pride is taken in the quality of these products and they are manufactured to the highest European standards, always taking into account the changing demands in design and innovation.

Specifications & Character Of Herringbone Laminate Floors


This special and unique flooring offers the design options of a solid wood floor but has all the amazing benefits of laminate. Although Herringbone is a small plank (606 x 101 x 12mm) this is because of its design for laying, made in the same way as a standard laminate plank (1200mm x 193mm x 8mm).

It has a balancing film to keep the plank stable, an HDF core (high-density fibre) which gives Herringbone its strength, a décor layer which gives the amazing pattern, color and then lastly an overlay for protection.

What amazing benefits you may ask?

  • Easy to install with the one-click system
  • Hardy – low maintenance – a soft broom to sweep and a damp (not wet) mop to clean
  • Anti-stain – the overlay (top layer) is the protective layer
  • Scratch and impact resistance

Finfloor Herringbone laminate is 12mm thick making it quieter underfoot and thicker than your standard 8mm laminate planks. It has a painted v-groove which matches the color of the laminate. The top layer is realistic and looks like real wood making this flooring an exceptional choice at a fraction of the cost.

The true to life wood grain is a replica of real wood without impact on the environment. There is a 25-year warranty for heavy residential wear on this product.

Installing Herringbone Laminate Flooring


The wonderful thing about Herringbone is that there are a number of ways to lay it, either a basketweave or herringbone pattern, 10 to be exact. Fitting is as easy as a single click system.

You can find these patterns on our website and choose the one suited to your individual taste and then make contact with us for purchase and fitting. If you are an avid DIY enthusiast, it would be an exciting job to tackle. As with all laminate flooring, when laying make sure your current surface is flat, smooth and clean.

It is not advised to lay any laminate over carpeting but it is acceptable to lay it over ceramic tiles, or a cement floor. Underlay will need to be laid first in order to get the best outcome for your flooring surface.

Herringbone is supplied with a wide range of colors to choose from:

  • White – matt wood grain
  • Grey wash – EIR (Embossed in Register) manufacturing process that intensifies the depth, texture and authentic look of the flooring.
  • Bleached beech – matt wood grain
  • Black – matt wood grain
  • Walnut – matt wood grain
  • Oak – EIR

History Of Herringbone


In the 16th century, the herringbone pattern made it into wooden flooring. An example of this can be seen in the Chateau de Fontainebleau Gallery dating back to 1539. So, we can see that this type of flooring is timeless and although it may have been seen as old fashioned at some stage, it is now seen as a trendy addition to your home.

Way back when the herringbone pattern was actually also seen in jewellery pieces of the ancient Egyptian elite as well as in fabric and even road paving of the early Roman Empire.

While the pattern was used in interiors from Roman times through the middle ages, it was in the 16th century that the herringbone pattern made it into wooden flooring.

Keeping The Style

As we can see, Herringbone is an age-old trend, so as modern as it was back then, the same holds true for today. With the many styles and colours available you can bring classic or contemporary into your home.

In the 1600s in France it symbolised status and elegance, and who wouldn’t like to have an elegant home that friends and family can admire.

Herringbone laminates have varying shading within each plank enabling you to bring a contemporary element into your decorating, such as picking up on the grey, beige, brown and white, thus keeping it minimalistic. Simple and sophisticated is the focus of showing off this beautiful floor.

We love the recent takes on this age-old trend that brings it straight into the modern eye. Herringbone floors come in many different styles, textures, color and variations. These can skew from contemporary to classic with a few tweaks.

Herringbone flooring brings an element of visual interest and atmosphere into the room. With all the excitement on the floor, you can be calmer in your room décor. For example rugs, wall art, window coverings.

The uniqueness of the pattern will transform any space. Herringbone laminates can be used in the living room, bedrooms, passage, entertainment areas and even the kitchen.

As with most flooring, wipe up spills as soon as possible to prevent slips or damage. Because of the protective coating or overlay, this type of flooring is also suitable if you have pets. Children’s toys that may have sharp edges will also not damage the floor due to this protective coating.

With the variety of colour choices, using a lighter colour will make a smaller room look larger, so the white, bleached beech or light oak is ideal.

Walnut or Grey Wash are beautiful choices for a dining room or lounge and even the main bedroom. Imagine how stunning an entertainment room would look with the matt black herringbone laminate. Here you can play with colour in your décor, furniture and a bright loose lay carpet.

Why Is Herringbone So Popular?


Herringbone is one of the most popular wood flooring installation styles because it combines a natural material look with extra visual interest. This can help bring drama and atmosphere to a room without having to go big and bold in other elements of the design – wall colour, furniture, rugs, artwork etc.

Herringbone parquet flooring has a unique design and appearance you won’t achieve from any other type of floor covering. Thanks to the illusion of movement given by parquet, this style of flooring is often chosen to make smaller, and darker spaces seem lighter, brighter and more open.

Final Thoughts | Herringbone Laminate Floors

As you can see Herringbone has taken a wonderful trip through time and has proven to be timeless. A definite asset to your home. You can be assured of beauty, elegance and trend when you choose Finfloor Herringbone laminate.