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We have been doing laminate flooring, vinyl flooring and wooden flooring in Durban since 1992. Our dedicated Durban flooring company is made up of Themba, Themba, Magesh and Richard.

This great team has been installing flooring throughout KwaZulu-Natal, from Pietermaritzburg, down the South coast of Port Shepstone, and up the North coast to Balito and Shakas rock.

So if you are looking for a flooring company near me that is trustworthy and has almost three decades of flooring experience you are at the right place.

Now you may have an idea of what you want. You may even have the products and are just looking for a professional flooring company to do the installation. Or you are here to get an idea of what flooring products are available. We can give you insider information on what will work best in the space you have for your flooring solutions.

Laminated Wooden Flooring


Are you looking for laminated wooden flooring? Can’t decide which product and price are the best for you? Take a look at our post on the best laminate flooring prices in South Africa where we break down the products and find quality.

We have a range of laminate flooring available at on our online store form:
⦁ XXL laminate planks
⦁ Two-toned laminate flooring
⦁ Wide laminate planks
⦁ Water Resistant Laminate Flooring

Want to find where quality meets value take a look at our post on affordable laminate flooring.

FinFloor Black Forest Laminate Floor Range


What we love about the laminate wooden flooring is the variety of unique products in the laminate range, as well as the warmth that laminate flooring brings into your home. Are you looking for a superior laminate floor? The FinFloor Black Forest range is where style and quality meet.

This is a thick 12mm laminate plank as opposed to the standard 8mm. This makes the laminate quieter and allows for higher foot traffic making this FinFloor laminate range perfect for commercial spaces as well.

Granted that you have had your floor installed to the correct standards that Finfloor requires, what our Durban flooring team does, your floor will have a 25-year heavy domestic use warranty or a 5-year general commercial warranty.

Classen Solido Elite Laminate Floor range


German engineering Classen Solido Elite range ensures a high level of quality. The joins in this wooden laminate range are coated with an “isowaxx” that helps prevent unwanted moisture from seeping into the laminate.

What happens if laminate flooring gets water damage? Often the first sign is swelling where the laminates are locked together by the seams. If this water is not removed 100% it can lead to mold. For more information on black mold follow this link. For information on the health effects of black mold click here.

Once again if you get a professional flooring company in Durban or wherever you are like Designa floors to fit this laminate range your floor will be covered by a 20-year warranty.

Send us a direct message to find out about our laminate flooring specials. If you are looking for information on laminate flooring read our post on what is laminate flooring?

Solid Wooden Flooring A Classic

Wood flooring has always been a classic, bringing the natural raw essence of beauty into your home. What makes wooden flooring so special is that pattern “design” is unique and has been crafted by mother nature, making a wooden floor timeless.

As you know we at Designa floors have been doing flooring since 1992. We like to believe that things get better over time. Let our dedicated team help you with your flooring needs.

FinOak Rustic 260 Smooth Wood Flooring


If you are looking for a natural wood floor your eye should be on the FinOak rustic 260 smooth finish. This will bring the full character of natural beauty into your home or office space, with visible knots that have been sanded to compliment the natural figure and color of these boards.

A smooth silky finish highlights the natural grain of this wood flooring.

For more information on this natural wood flooring follow the link.

Vinyl Flooring | LVT

Vinyl flooring offers a big range and this range is not limited to styles and designs, its texture looks and the way it feels. Vinyl flooring has come a long way over the last couple of years especially in the LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

With the competition increase in flooring products, new technology has been used to progress the quality of the vinyl flooring drastically. These technological advancements have made some products 100% waterproof as well as being resistant to chemical spills and fire.

Along with the wood look, you can get from vinyl floors you can also change it up to an edgy stone feel to add to your contemporary environment.

Vinyl flooring is the perfect choice when it comes to high traffic areas and areas when it can potentially get wet.

Traviloc Elemental Vinyl Flooring


This style of vinyl flooring comes in rustic wood embossing and bevelled edges with a high slip-resistant finish and 100% waterproof making it great to use in bathroom areas.

If this vinyl flooring product has been installed correctly by professionals like us at Designa floors you will get a 15-year domestic or 10-year commercial uses warranty.

Como Stone Collection Vinyl Flooring


Looking for an alternative to wood, to match your modern style? This SPC (stone plastic composite) range From the Como selection is where you should start your search.

This SPC vinyl floor provides a smooth stone finish determined by its natural mineral elements.

As with all of our products this luxury vinyl flooring comes with a warranty, but not any warranty this is a lifetime residential use. Just make sure that you have had a professional like ourselves install this floor.

Concluding Flooring In Durban

Designa floors is a flooring company that has been in the flooring industry since 1992. We know floors. We have the expertise to fit and install your dream floor. Our team of dedicated individuals strive to provide you with quality that we can mark with our stamp of approval.

Send us a message and ask us your flooring questions. We are happy to help and make your dream space become a reality.


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