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Did you know that Designa Floors has a flooring branch in Cape Town? You can actually find us nationwide. So if you are looking for a trusted flooring company near me. Designa Floors will have you covered.

We have been in the flooring industry since 1992 and have laid the path for industries and homes all over South Africa providing the best stability and comfort a floor can offer. We are your goto online flooring solutions in Cape Town

We have a team of highly dedicated individuals at our Cape Town branch. Cath, Gary and Jesse will be able to assist you in your quest for Cape Town flooring solutions.

What our Cape Town flooring team does:

  • Help facilitate product choice
  • Guidance through the different range of products
  • Provide laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, engineered wood flooring
  • Skirting, profiles, stair nosing, artificial turf
  • Install the flooring upon request
  • Expert service and quality advice
  • Online flooring warehouse Cape Town

The perfect Cape Town flooring company you need.

Flooring Prices In Cape Town

Are you looking to find the best flooring Cape Town has to offer? We have a great range of flooring products to match your choice of style.

  • Laminate flooring prices range from R220㎡- R550㎡
  • Vinyl flooring prices range from R215㎡ – R595㎡
  • Engineered wood flooring prices range from R950㎡ – R1200㎡
  • The artificial turf price is R325㎡

All our products come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to fit your needs. From home flooring to commercial flooring range we have it all. If you are looking for more information on laminate flooring in South Africa follow the link.


Laminate Flooring Cape Town

Laminate flooring comes in different styles and ranges of affordability so keep your eyes peeled for cheap laminate flooring prices or laminate flooring specials. There is always a good offer without having to sacrifice quality.

Cape Town and the Western Cape are often prone to cold front floods. This can potentially damage your laminate floors. Take a look at our post on what to do about flooring damage in South Africa to get the info on how to deal with water damage.

Laminate flooring is a quick process especially if the product uses the click-n-lock system. This fantastic system provides a quality seal on the flooring while cutting down the installation time.

There is such a variety of patterns and styles you can choose from like the XXL Extravagant Dynamic resembling large and solid wooden planks, or the authentic herringbone laminate flooring which is available in 10 different patterns.

These are just some of the laminate styles we have. Take a look at our full laminate flooring range and the laminate flooring prices Cape Town.

Looking for laminate flooring installation prices in Cape Town? Contact us or find our prices online at the above link.


Wooden Flooring Cape Town

Wooden floors have a significant place in the architectural history of Cape Town. The city’s older buildings predominantly feature two types of wooden floors. The first is the parquet block floor, laid in hot tar onto a solid substrate like a cement screed. The second type, found in earlier buildings, is the suspended wooden floor. These floors have a naturally ventilated void below them and are supported by a system of beams called ‘sleepers’ and joists that rest on the sleepers.

Moreover, engineered flooring is becoming a popular choice in Cape Town due to its timber-saving (green) properties, cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and maintenance. Floors in Iroko, Kiaat & African Mahogany are sold in packaging or can be installed on batters or as a glue-down.

The evolution of wooden flooring in Cape Town is indeed fascinating, reflecting the city’s commitment to preserving its architectural heritage while embracing modern, sustainable solutions.

Wooden flooring is timeless, the natural beauty that mother nature is able to create is spectacular making every wood plank unique. Wooden floors create a warm comfortable space while still being a timeless classic.

Wood floors are robust and yet at the same time elegant. This timeless style is a great addition to any home. In order for your wooden flooring to stand the test of time, you need to ensure that it has been installed to the correct standards.

If the wood floor has been installed correctly your floor will come with a 25-year warranty. This just proves that getting the right flooring company to install your floor is of utmost importance as well as proving that the installation is done by a trustworthy accredited company.

For beautiful engineered wood flooring Cape Town look at our online store, you can choose from a selection of engineered wood floors from:

  • FinOak pre-finished
  • FinOak herringbone unfinished
  • FinOak rustic 260 smooth finish
  • PURE pre-finished

For more information on wooden flooring cape town prices please follow the link.


Vinyl Flooring Cape Town

LVT or luxury vinyl tiles have seen incredible technological advancements over the years. Our styles and affordable vinyl flooring collection provide a modern look and feel to whatever space you have.

Our vinyl flooring in cape town has, SPC or Stone Plastic Composite vinyl flooring which is a modern finish to the vinyl tile allowing the natural mineral elements to come through giving your space, home, office or retail store that modern look and feel.

The next advantage to vinyl flooring is how durable it is, vinyl can take a higher count of foot traffic making this the perfect flooring solution for those high traffic areas, such as entrance halls and commercial spaces.

Adding to the durability is the fact that vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof meaning that those pesky spills or even flood damage will not affect the vinyl. But in order for your warranty to be credible (if needed), you need to make sure that the vinyl floor is installed to the correct standards. We can install your flooring for you to these standards if you ever need to use the warranty on your vinyl flooring.

Some products come with a lifetime warranty, view our range of vinyl flooring.

Or if you are looking for vinyl flooring specials Cape Town please follow the link to our vinyl flooring range.

Contact us to get your vinyl flooring specials in Cape Town.

Cape Town Flooring FAQs

Q. Do you offer any showroom locations in Cape Town where I can see the flooring options in person?

Showroom Experience:

While browsing our extensive online selection is convenient, we understand the desire to see and feel the flooring options in person. The good news is that Designa Floors has a team of flooring specialists ready to assist you in our Cape Town branch!

Visit us at 41 Columbus Crescent Parklands 7441 Cape Town.

To experience the wide variety of flooring materials firsthand. Our experts can answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect fit for your Cape Town home.

Q. Besides the flooring materials themselves, do you offer any additional services like subfloor preparation, removal of existing flooring, or installation?

Designa Floors goes beyond just supplying top-quality flooring materials. We offer a range of additional services to ensure a smooth and hassle-free flooring project for your Cape Town home. Our services include:

  • Subfloor preparation: We understand the importance of a properly prepared subfloor for a flawless installation. Our team can assess your subfloor and take care of any leveling or repairs needed before laying down your new floors.
  • Removal of existing flooring: Don’t worry about dismantling your old flooring yourself. We can remove your existing flooring efficiently and dispose of it responsibly, making way for your beautiful new upgrade.
  • Expert installation: Our experienced installation team ensures your new floors are laid down perfectly, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures a professional finish and optimal performance for your Cape Town home.

By utilizing our comprehensive services, you can enjoy a stress-free flooring experience from start to finish.

Q. Are there any financing options available for flooring projects in Cape Town?

We understand that flooring projects can be an investment. That’s why Designa Floors is proud to partner with reputable financing providers in Cape Town to offer a variety of financing options Mobicred. Our team can help you explore these options and find a payment plan that fits your budget and allows you to achieve your dream Cape Town home with beautiful new flooring.

Feel free to contact our Cape Town branch for a free consultation and discuss your financing needs. We’re here to help you make your flooring vision a reality.

By incorporating this information, you’ll address potential customer concerns and provide a more comprehensive picture of Designa Floors’ capabilities in Cape Town.


Final Thoughts | Flooring Company Cape Town

Flooring is an important aspect of any home and business, it needs to match the design look and feel of the area it is covering. We have the full range of flooring from wood flooring, and laminate flooring to vinyl flooring.

The type of flooring you choose should reflect superior quality style and functionality. The function of your floor is very important. You need to ask yourself these questions; is there going to be high foot traffic? Is the floor going to get wet? Will the flooring match my current design?

Once you have the answer to these questions you will know what type of flooring is going to suit your home or office. Only then you should search for laminate flooring prices in Cape Town, wooden flooring prices and vinyl flooring prices.

Looking for a flooring company in Cape Town to get the job done? Let us install your flooring for you at a professional level ensuring the best quality for a perfect fit every time. If you are looking for a flooring company in Durban follow the link. 

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