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I absolutely love laminate flooring, so if like me you are in search of new flooring but not sure what it is all about, here is some insight on what it is made from. Knowing what you are looking for and understanding your product makes it easier and less daunting when you actually come to getting it fitted.

There are many stockists of laminate flooring but do make sure you do your research to find a reputable supplier/manufacturer and fitter that also has warranties in place. We at Desingafloors are proud to sell one of South Africa’s top flooring manufacturers products, namely Finfloor, which has been in business for over 24 years.

We will discuss the various flooring products below so that you can be sure of the quality when choosing a floor for your home. Before we discuss the products let’s find out what the planks are made from.

FinFloor Range-Laminate Flooring

Laminates are not real wood but rather made up of layers of thin plastic resins and paper pressed together. High pressure and heat cause the materials to fuse together creating a solid piece of Laminate. Colors and patterns are printed on the upper layer. Laminate floors give the appearance of real wood and there are many beautiful types available.

Basically, there are 4 layers that go into making a Laminate board or plank. Starting at the bottom they go as follows:

⦁ The Balancing or Backer layer – this makes the plank stable and straight
⦁ For strength and durability, the core of the laminate is called the (HDF) or high-density fibreboard
⦁ A decorative layer is added, giving colour, design and pattern to the board
⦁ A wear layer or overlay is added lastly which gives the laminate shine and protection

AGT Bella Laminate


This is an 8mm plank, has a 10-year warranty for heavy residential and a 5 year for moderate commercial use, has a core density of up 850kg/m enabling this type of flooring to be used under furniture, beds etc. It is an extremely durable plank that is highly scratch, impact and abrasion-resistant.

The locking system has a paraffin waxed tongue giving extra protection against moisture. The Bella range comes in a variety of colours from natural wood and oak looks to light grey and off white. For more information on Finfloors Bella laminate follow the link.

AGT Natura Line Laminate

With a 15-year warranty for heavy residential use and 5-years for general commercial use, this 8mm plank is probably one that any homeowner would love to have installed. As well as many colors and styles to choose from this plank can withstand up to 900kg/m.

Again, this plank is highly durable, easily maintained, and has been paraffin waxed at the locking site making it practically water-resistant. For a real wood look, these planks are embossed to give the floor an appeal that is authentic and natural.

AGT Effect Laminate


Don’t be fooled by this slightly smaller length and width plank, because it is 10mm thick and an affordable option both for commercial and residential use. This laminate plank has a surface that mimics the wood grain pattern for a more realistic finish.

With up to 8 colours and styles to choose from, these planks are a winning flooring option also being able to withstand 900kg/m.

There is a 15-year heavy residential warranty and a 5-year commercial warranty on these planks. The locking system has a paraffin waxed tongue giving extra protection against moisture.

Laminate flooring is extremely durable, very low maintenance and highly scratch, abrasion and impact resistant. With a light sweep and vacuum, your floor will always look brand new. No need for a wet mop either, but rather a damp mop using laminate specific products should the need arise.

Finfloor Supreme Laminate


A slightly longer and broader plank, giving the illusion of space, a perfectly safe and durable residential or even commercial flooring solution.

No longer will you worry about your laminate floor fading, or becoming stained, as this hardy plank has a protective aluminium oxide coating assuring you of quality for years and years.

The unique patterning technology uses no heavy metals thus making this laminate environmentally friendly. It is 100% biodegradable so does not emit any toxic fumes.

There is a 10-year heavy domestic warranty in place and a 5-year warranty for commercial use.

To get the full description of this Supreme laminate please take a look at our website and fall in love with the colours and textures of sandalwood, Oregon, grey oak, as well as a few others.

Inovar Floor Laminate – Water Resistant


This has got to be the most innovative in the laminate range. Having undergone rigorous testing for quality, using the latest in German technology, you will not be disappointed with Inovar from the Finfloor range.

Inovar is a completely sealed laminate, is nonporous therefore does not contribute to any microorganism growth or dust-mites, thereby promoting a safe environment, especially for children. for more information on the bacteria that may live on our floors follow this link.

This plank has a wax impregnated core and has waxed edges on the locking system giving it a high water resistance as well as the lowest swell rates during testing.

With a lifetime warranty against termites and a 25-year warranty for residential use, this is the best flooring for your family.

Black Forest Laminate – Water Resistant


The black forest range has a 12mm plank thickness and is the longest plank giving it a more natural appearance.

Because of its thickness, it is quiet underfoot bringing tranquillity to your space. It has a protective aluminium oxide overlay and has a 25-year heavy domestic warranty in place.

This flooring is water-resistant and has a lifetime guarantee against termites. This collection is stain, scratch and fade resistant thus very low maintenance. As with all Finfloor laminates, a soft bristle broom or brush attachment to a vacuum cleaner is all you need to keep your floor looking as good as it did the first day you purchased it.

for more information on the Black forest laminate range follow the link.

Authentic Herringbone Laminate


This easy to install single click system flooring offers all the benefits of laminate but has all the design and beauty of solid wood.

With the many options available you bring authenticity to your space because of the true to life wood grain and is a 12mm thick strip it is quiet underfoot.

A beautiful enhancement to any living area, from lounges and dining rooms to bedrooms and offices. You will be amazed at the beautiful colours and styles and laying patterns that are available, from white to oak, there is a range for everyone.

Herringbone truly is a designer’s dream floor. Herringbone has a 25-year heavy domestic warranty and a 5-year commercial warranty.

Laminates are extremely versatile, whether you are laying them in your living room, bedroom, passage, kitchen, dining room or exercise area, they are long-lasting, warm and bring colour and clean lines to any room, allowing for decorating the rest of the room to be imaginative.

Look out for more information on DIY flooring, and good luck with whatever your home improvements may be. Finfloor quality laminates are guaranteed to bring you many years of pleasure.

New Products From Findfloor | Commercial Grade Floor and FINIXPE Acoustic Underlay

The Black forest range has been a huge success due to the 12mm thickness as well as the popular colors offered in the Effect range.

Finfloor has used the latest technology and innovations to improve the abrasion class and now import a 12mm thick commercial grade floor.

The abrasion class rating is AC5 which indicates a laminate floors greater resistance to abrasion which then leads to greater durability, which is ideal for hotel lobbies, busy restaurants, department stores, and large corporate areas as well as for heavy domestic use.

The benefit of this 12mm thick laminate is better stability and strength and good acoustic qualities.

Paying a little more for this type of quality laminate will be beneficial for a heavy commercial site as it is scratch, abrasion and impact resistant.

This product has a 25-year heavy domestic warranty and a 5-year heavy commercial warranty. With realistic textures and natural and neutral tones, it is an ideal product for large, high traffic areas. The tongue of the locking system has been paraffin waxed ensuring a water-resistant plank.


⦁ Fit for Use AC5/W33 heavy commercial rating
⦁ 12mm thick plank that is durable, abrasion, scratch and impact resistant
⦁ Improved product warranty to a 25-year heavy domestic and 5-year heavy commercial warranty
⦁ Increased board density 900- 950 kg/m
⦁ Antimicrobial top face.
⦁ 3D deep EIR realistic wood texture
⦁ Unilin L2c locking system with paraffin waxed tongue
⦁ Neutral and natural tones.
⦁ Extremely durable
⦁ Low maintenance and easy to clean
⦁ Ideal for high trafficked areas, and most commercial applications

Another brand new product will be IXPE (Irradiated Cross-Linked Polyethylene) FINIXPE acoustic underlay.

This is a superior underlay and is durable and well priced.

It is made up of sound dampening, high-performance cross-linked foam, with a vapour barrier of 80 microns for extra moisture protection at the joints.

Concluding Finfloors Laminate Flooring Review


Finfloor laminates are typically sold as planks, which simply lock together when installed. Depending on how and where you are having laminates laid will depend on the application.

Laminates are highly resistant to scratches, stains and fading and will be durable for years to come. Using doormats at entrances will keep excess dirt outside, where it belongs.

For those of you who own pets, it is advisable to keep their nails clipped on a regular basis. Be sure to use a damp, not wet Terri Mop (available at most DIY stores) when cleaning your floor, as well as a soft bristle broom. There are laminate specific cleaning products that you can use should you wish to.

We at Designafloors are proud to have such quality products from Finfloor in our range of flooring options. Along with our team of qualified fitters, your home will be fit for a king once these laminates have been laid.