DIY – Small Room Reading Nook

This is the room in the house where anything and everything is stashed.

It’s the room that is used to leave the ironing, maybe the clothes horse, some items that you’re trying to sell but don’t want in your bedroom, possibly craft that you’ve been meaning to get to, your seasonal clothing in a tub, you name it, this room with no name is the one you’d rather shut the door to when passing.

How fabulous would it be if you could turn this non-essential room into a beautiful space to just relax, meditate or maybe read those novels that have been shelved here?  If it gets afternoon sun it could be just the place to catch a breather and take a short nap.

This is the room that could be a technology free zone, enabling calm and peace even if for a short time. Think about a simply decorated, but modern space, using pastel shades as well as natural textures to enhance your relaxation. This is the perfect DIY project for you.


Your home may be tiled throughout, so to make your reading nook feel a little cosier why not lay a loose natural rug down.

If you are wanting to change the flooring then there are other choices like laminates, vinyl, real wood, engineered wood as well as a couple of other options.

The beauty of Laminates and Vinyl is that they can be laid right over the top of your existing floor.

Both are cushioned bringing softer and more comfortable underfoot.

There are a variety of colours and styles as well as texture bringing a natural stone or wood look to your space.

Maintenance of this type of flooring is easy as there is a protective layer on top.

Both Vinyl and Laminates are suited to DIY, but if you feel unsure then a professional will be best.


A mirror can give the illusion of a small space being bigger, also allowing for extra natural light especially if it is placed in a spot that reflects the outside.

A floor lamp is both practical and elegant allowing you to move it to wherever you want and perfect to have if you are reading as it can be placed strategically to allow for the best light. Shop around to get the perfect one for your space. One that is flexible is ideal and there are options that do not take up a massive amount of space.


A small room may feel smaller if it is painted in a dark colour, so paint the walls in muted tones such as taupe, light grey, pastel, or dusky colour.


Because this room is already a small room, perhaps changing your curtains to blinds could be the way to go.

Blinds usually sit flush against the window or just inside the frame allowing for maximum space.

There are numerous colours and styles of blinds that can make your room an inviting place to be.

Vertical blinds are hung vertically and are a popular choice as they can slide open giving you extra light.

Venetian blinds are suspended horizontally and are made of either wood, metal or plastic.

These can be tilted to allow a little or no light in. They can also be pulled right up to let the most light in. these are just two options of blinds but there are many options to choose from.


The function of this room is to relax, so what better than to have a comfy upholstered and padded chair that fits snug into the corner with perhaps an ottoman for your feet. 

This type of chair is perfect for space-saving, as well as being big enough to allow comfort.

A second option is a plush recliner.

These can be upholstered to your liking. The choices of fabric, texture and colour are wide, but the suggestion is to go with light and natural or pastel shades because of the size of the room.

You can choose a bright colour for an art piece, as well as blankets and pillows. Remember your goal is to relax, not be distracted.


Keep it simple stupid! Remember this is the room you want to relax in so keep accessories to a minimum.

With that said, a blanket and pillow are always a must in a room like this!

Whether your blanket is fleecy, ribbed, bobbled, embossed, colourful or plain the options are beautiful.

Display this blanket or throw over the corner of your chair or recliner allowing for this pop of warmth to be on the ready should you need it, especially on a chilly winters’ day.

How about a scatter cushion to add texture and comfort to your chair?  There are numerous scatter cushions on the market so you will easily be able to match this to your colour palette.

A small side table with a plant to add greenery and an art piece that is not too busy will keep the tranquil appeal.

Keeping within the boundaries of a budget for your DIY project can be tricky so instead of an air-conditioner to keep you cool, opt for a standing fan, or if you’re able to spend the little extra, a big bladed ceiling fan is bliss.