Design Trends Flooring – Home Gym


“Home is where the heart is”

and how apt at this time, where the pandemic is running riot and we are spending more and more time at home.

With all this time and focus spent at home, plus the idea that working from home may become a permanent corporate move (an estimated 22% of the workforce by 2025 will be working from home on a permanent basis) we think it’s time to make the best of it with an update and maybe a little DIY.

With holidays on hold, why not make your home the trendiest one on the block!

Whether you are updating your lounge, dining room, entertainment area, home office, bedrooms or even a gym, just adding a new coat of paint in a bright colour can enhance a feature wall.

Alternatively putting new flooring down, gives the appearance and idea that things are new. This brings a sense of freshness and wellbeing to the space to help improve creativity, productivity and overall outlook on the room.

Being in a happy and warm environment is important for well-being and mental health in today’s unpredictable climate. That said, exercise is one of, if not THE best way to improve your moods when you’re stuck indoors.  

Let us discuss some flooring options specifically for a home gym, should you want to add one to your home.

DIY Home Gym

Yes, its time to bring the fitness craze home.

How exciting to have your own space at home to get your family moving and getting fitter?

There are plenty of stores where you can purchase most, if not all your gym equipment, such as light weights, mats, bands, balls and more, and the great thing is, that your home gym will be custom made to suit your whole family in becoming fitter and stronger. Creating healthy minds and bodies.

Let’s have a look at the flooring options to create this area. Choosing a strong, durable and good quality floor surface will keep your gym looking amazing for years to come!

Right off the bat we can rule out a number of floor coverings. Carpets won’t look good with sweat stains, laminates won’t be a fan of the moisture, nor the heavyweights. Hardwood flooring is quite pricey, plus your gym will feel like a sauna!


Our recommended flooring options are: Vinyl, Cork and Artificial Turf.

There are a number of flooring choices that are modern and trendy that will bring any room to life.

Vinyl, Cork and Artificial Turf are all popular flooring options for a home gym that you are renovating.

Below we will discuss these flooring types, some being more sustainable and cost-effective than others.

Vinyl Flooring South Africa

Vinyl is manufactured in both plank form and tiles, available in a wide range of colour and variety making it visually appealing. Using a natural or neutral shade will keep your workout space looking fresh and clean.

The beauty of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) is that they are affordable and have the authenticity of hardwood or stone. The textures look authentic but because of the protective layer on top, they are smooth to the touch.

This type of flooring has been designed with an underlay, so as long as your subfloor is even and there aren’t any damp spots, laying Vinyl will be a smooth transition to your space.

Another advantage of Vinyl is that it is made with multiple layers making it strong and hardwearing. Vinyl is easy to install and is an exceptionally durable product lasting many years because it has flexible and elastic properties.

The shock-absorbing qualities make it an ideal product when using it as a gym floor surface and it can handle weight well.  Vinyl is soft underfoot and resistant to water making it easy to clean. A quick sweep with a soft broom and then a damp mop will keep it well maintained. Ask your supplier for advice for cleaning chemicals.

Cork Flooring South Africa

How wonderful to be able to bring the outdoor in, so make the most of your time at home, in your newly renovated Gym space by using Cork Flooring as your surface to work out on.

Cork is attractive and strong so using it for weights or gym machinery is ideal.

Cork is light and comfortable underfoot. This makes it perfect for those workouts that require some floorwork. This type of flooring is sealed at production so is perfectly safe to work out on, although may need to be re-sealed a few years on.

This is a very versatile product as not only is it sound-reducing but also able to absorb shock. The warmth and softness of cork are ideal for exercises like stretching, pilates or even yoga.

The way cork has been manufactured makes it resistant to mildew, so it is hypo-allergenic.  It is also a highly compact product. The honeycomb structure has been impacted by air; this makes it similar to that of memory foam.

One last amazing quality of cork is that it is a sustainable product, meaning that only the bark is used in manufacturing and the tree is left to continue growing.

Artificial Turf Flooring

How about thinking outside the box and laying Artificial turf for a versatile and unique gym flooring surface. There are a few different types of Artificial turf available so enquire with your supplier for the correct one to be used indoors.

 I’m thinking about children here, and what fun they could have exercising on that surface, especially if they cannot go outside or you have no grass outside, or even if the weather is not great and they want to play.

This type of gym room could be set up with activities that will enhance their ball skills, balancing skills and all-round fitness. With a brightly painted feature wall or a rock climbing wall with some padded mats scattered around, this could be their very own safe, play place. Your child may enjoy the feeling of the turf underfoot as it is soft.

Artificial turf is easy to maintain is available in colours other than green, and cost-effective in the long run, not relying on water or cutting back. It is also highly durable so holds up to wear and tear and able to withstand heavy traffic, is non-slip and non-abrasive. Be sure to purchase your gym turf that has an underlayment, this will add extra comfort when playing or working out.