Best Commercial Flooring In South Africa


What is the best commercial flooring? This depends on what type of store you have. How high your foot traffic is and what you want to get out of the commercial flooring. We are going to go through the different types of flooring for stores, coffee shops and restaurants.

We will look at the advantages of using vinyl flooring for stores and the disadvantages. Giving you the knowledge to make an informed decision on your flooring choice.

We will also take you through the luxury vinyl flooring vs the practical vinyl tiles and help you decide what will work best for your commercial floor.


Types Of Commercial Flooring What Works Best?

Typically in commercial spaces, you will find two types of flooring either tiles or vinyl flooring. Both are great and serve a specific purpose based on functionality, performance and a quality look and feel that the store branding promotes.

The best commercial flooring has a combination of functionality, performance and quality suited to the store type. Let’s take a look at an example where we could use quality vinyl flooring. If your storefront is in a mall with high foot traffic look no further than vinyl flooring.

The vinyl tiles will create a warm feel for your customer from the cold tiles used in the mall. This will immediately add to the overall look and feel of your store.

There are many different styles of vinyl tiles that you can use for your commercial floor space, that can enhance the look and feel of your store as well as portraying the quality your brand represents.

You need your commercial store flooring to perform. Your store flooring needs to be resilient to wearing, being able to handle high traffic and the occasional spill of juice from a toddler whose parents are not paying attention.

Selecting the right vinyl flooring will give you a commercial warranty as well as having waterproof vinyl tiles for those pesky spills.

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Let’s take a look at the vinyl flooring products and see the best for commercial floors.

XL Vinyl Plank Flooring | Traviloc


Traviloc RCB (Rigid Core Board) vinyl flooring is designed to take on big space with its combination of extra long and extra wide vinyl planks. Supplied with rich surface textures and high definition visuals make this vinyl plank range a high-quality commercial flooring product.

You have a selection of 7 different styles you can choose from. Ranging from Rustic oak white giving your storefront a light soft inviting feel, to Natural oak medium providing a sense of warmth and comfort.

Supplied with a residential lifetime warranty / 5-year general warranty / 10 year light commercial warranty.

⦁ Extra-large vinyl planks
⦁ This product is 100% waterproof
⦁ Installs over most existing hard surfaces
⦁ Mould barrier protection for surface mould and mildew as well as hidden mould beneath the floor, struggling with floor mould follow this link
⦁ Sound absorption, for more information on sound absorption, follow this link
⦁ Transparent wear layer against scuffs and abrasions
⦁ Stain and fade resistant
⦁ residential lifetime warranty / 5-year general warranty / 10 year light commercial warranty

⦁ Best suited to large areas

For more information or pricing on this vinyl floor tiles range follow this link.

Heavy Duty Commercial Flooring | Wanabiwood Classic Range


These vinyl tiles come in a glue-down system with both a residential and heavy commercial warranty. This vinyl flooring was manufactured with high traffic in mind. This makes this type of vinyl tile extremely strong and resilient to wear.
This range of vinyl flooring comes with 11 different styles to choose from, desert sand to walnut, ensuring that you will get the perfect fit for your store.

⦁ This flooring is strong and designed to be used in commercial space
⦁ Can handle high foot traffic
⦁ Water-resistant
⦁ 20-year commercial warranty

⦁ You will probably want to revamp the design of the store before the 15-year commercial warranty has been completed
⦁ Not 100% waterproof due to glue down system

The thickness of the vinyl plank is 2.5mm with the plank size being 1219.3mm by 228.6.
The residential warranty is 20-years and the commercial warranty is 15-years.

For more information on this heavy commercial use vinyl tile follow the link.

Light Commercial Vinyl Flooring | Wanabiwood New Superior


This luxury vinyl tile (LVT tile) is perfect for a low traffic commercial store. This vinyl plank is available in a range of 6 different styles from Bohemian pine to Winter oak.

This vinyl flooring is fitted with a glue down system and comes with a 10-year residential warranty or a 7-year light commercial warranty.

⦁ range of flooring styles to choose from.
⦁ Lightweight commercial warranty
⦁ Water-resistant

⦁ Not 100% waterproof due to glue down system
⦁ Not intended for extreme foot traffic

This vinyl tile is supplied with a plank size of 1532mm by 236.6mm. The thickness of the plank is 2mm with a wear layer of 0.3mm. Total of 4.35 square meters per box.

To view the price or create a free quote for this light commercial vinyl flooring follow the link.


Final Thoughts | Commercial Vinyl Flooring In South Africa

Store flooring is so important for your storefront and your brand. It is the first subconscious cue to invite a customer into your shop. If your store runs on home displays there is nothing better than displaying your home appliances on a floor that your client could have in their home.

The bands and products we have listed in this post come with commercial warranties. This means that they were made with commercial space in mind. This could range from hospitality, corporate, retail, educational, medical or residential.

We have armed you with the knowledge of commercial vinyl flooring so that you can make an informed decision on what will suit your store best. Take a look at our vinyl flooring range to find what you like.

There are many flooring stores in South Africa where you can get your flooring from but Designa floors ensure you have the right quality and fitment your brand deserves.