Cheap Laminate Flooring In South Africa | What Is Best?


Cheap laminate doesn’t always mean low quality.  We would rather say “cost-effective”, or “budget-friendly”, that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket”.  However, in saying that, you have to be careful where you purchase your laminate flooring from. There are cheap options that don’t offer superior quality, and you will end up with a poor floor which will cost you later on when you need to replace it.

A reputable company will have a large range of laminates with low to high rates, depending on the type, style and thickness so be wise with your decisions.

Good quality Laminate can last between 10 and 25 years depending on the type and if it is maintained correctly. Therefore saving you money in the long run due to its cost-effectiveness. 

With more and more time being spent working from home, or homeschooling your child, having Laminate flooring throughout your living space is ideal, not only for its good looks but also for walking on, sitting on and even playing on.

Getting the look of real hardwood is also beneficial when on a tight budget and purchasing laminate flooring is the perfect way to achieve beauty, authenticity, and class to your flooring space. Whether it be lounge, passage, office, dining area, or bedrooms. 

With today’s technology, laminate flooring is now waterproof, stain-resistant and will look fresh and with good maintenance for many years.

With so many colours, textures, and styles available your dream living area is within reach.

More cost-effective than real wood laminates gives you the real wood appearance and texture as well as fewer maintenance worries.

Interested in our budget-friendly laminate flooring range follow the link to view the beautiful Classens Home Oak laminate flooring range. Or if you are looking for laminate flooring at a great price and a 20-year warranty look at our range of Solido Elite laminate flooring. Take a look at our blog post on laminate flooring prices in South Africa and what is available.

Benefits Of Laminate Flooring To Your Home

  • Laminate flooring, in a good condition, improves the value of the home over traditional wall-to-wall carpeting.

  • Laminate is the preferred choice in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and other living areas of the home, and in homes that have pets or if the people in the home are prone to allergies or are messier. If you’re looking for something water-resistant, versatile, and with fewer maintenance or cost concerns, look into laminates.

This makes it a very cost-effective alternative to real hardwood. or alternatively, you can look at Laminate floor planks and laminate floor tiles giving the look of stone or ceramic tiles. Laminate flooring that looks like tile is commonly used in residential spaces because it provides the same style at a reduced overall cost.

Maintenance and Composition:

The maintenance of Laminate flooring is as easy as a quick sweep with a soft broom and a gentle clean with a damp microfibre mop. Should there be any crayon or other marks left by your little one these can easily be removed with a mild solution of either vinegar and warm water or a little dish soap with warm water and wipe gently with a soft cloth. Rinse and wipe again until the mark has been cleaned off.

Acetone may be used on very stubborn stains. The best practice is to purchase a product from your hardware store specifically for stains on laminate flooring. 

Each of our laminate flooring products comprises 4 layers, the last two being a décor layer as well as an overlay giving your flooring extra protection.

As you can see, cheap laminate flooring is indeed a good investment. If you are searching for the perfect floor, that you want to last for years, perfectly matching your décor, consider laminate flooring.

When properly installed and cared for, you can expect waterproof laminate flooring to have a lifespan of 15 to 25 years.

Laminate flooring offers real value for money, often being more affordable than hardwood flooring and wall-to-wall carpeting. You will also save money in the long run, as it doesn’t require specialised cleaning, and its durable nature makes it resistant to stains, scratches and fading, so it boasts incredible longevity while also being easy to install.

Reasons To Lay Laminate Flooring


Laminates range in price and if you’re looking for the top of the range you will pay more for this as the planks are thicker and are water and stain-resistant, allowing for extra wear.

The lower-end price range offers a beautiful, natural wood look, durability and many colours and styles with a warranty ranging between 10 and 15 years, and is easy to maintain. Being less likely to suffer damage as a carpet would.

Durable Laminate Flooring

Laminates are great for moderate to heavy domestic wear meaning that they can handle a lot of traffic. Though animals and our little ones may bring extra unwanted dust and dirt into the house, these floors can easily be handled with a sweep and a damp mop.

Laminates are extremely durable being scratch and dent resistant. So if you are going to vacuum the floor, it is safe to do so with a soft brush attachment.

Another dirt saving idea is to have entrance mats in front of all the doors leading in from the outside, thereby leaving the unwanted dirt where it belongs, outside.

Hypo-Allergenic | Bacteria Protection Laminate Flooring

Those with allergies to dust and animal hair, mold or dander will find laminate flooring a dream as these allergens are not being trapped like they are in carpets. Follow this link to find the types of bacteria that may be in your flooring

Making for fresh and clean floors and ease of breathing. Our Laminates do not emit any toxins and are 100% biodegradable while containing no heavy metals making them environmentally friendly too.

Comfortable and Stylish Cheap Laminate Flooring

When comparing cheap laminate flooring with a more expensive product you will find a floor that is water-resistant, This premium product has a wax impregnated core and edges on the locking system.

The premium range is slightly thicker and also has a lifetime warranty against termites while giving you 25 years of warranty for residential use. With an assortment of colours and styles to choose from you will be completely satisfied with the choice you make for your home to look beautiful all the time with Laminates.

Because of the lock-step system or tongue and groove, this allows for movement and the reason Laminates are known as a “floating floor”.  The thickness of the core allows for comfort as well as impact resistance when sitting on the floor should the need arise and also adds warmth, unlike ceramic tiles, or concrete. 

High-end Laminates are a much wider plank that provides a more natural appearance.  This type of laminate is quieter underfoot and has excellent sound absorption properties.  It is scratch, stain and fade resistant too.

Do it yourself Laminate Flooring

Laminates can be a project for that DIY interest that you have been wanting to take on.  As long as your subfloor is clean, dry and even, you’re halfway there.  The click-lock system makes it easy to install and there are online videos to guide you should you need assistance. Check out this video on DIY laminate flooring. Video is done by “DIY Creators” on youtube.

Final Thoughts On Cheap Laminate Flooring In South Africa

When looking for a budget-friendly laminate flooring option you don’t have to sacrifice on quality. There are plenty of cheap laminate flooring options that come with warranties to confirm the quality of your purchase.

If you maintain and look after your laminate flooring while using the recommended cleaning techniques you can enjoy your flooring for years to come.

From a beautiful dove grey stone look, to rich, oaky finishes and even cherry wood grain, well… the options do seem endless. Once that beautiful floor has been laid you can bring in all the other décor ideas that will make your house warm and inviting as well as always looking fresh and modern.  Laminate flooring is for today, tomorrow and the future.