Flooring Visualizer South Africa

Ever wondered how your room would look with a new laminate flooring or a stylish vinyl flooring? With our innovative flooring visualizer, you can see it before making a decision! Our flooring visualizer is a game-changer in home renovation. It allows you to take a picture of your current space and virtually overlay it with… Continue reading Flooring Visualizer South Africa

Best Flooring Cape Town | Laminate, Vinyl & Wood

Did you know that Designa Floors has a flooring branch in Cape Town? You can actually find us nationwide. So if you are looking for a trusted flooring company near me. Designa Floors will have you covered. We have been in the flooring industry since 1992 and have laid the path for industries and homes… Continue reading Best Flooring Cape Town | Laminate, Vinyl & Wood

Wooden Flooring South Africa | Natural Product

When it comes to selecting a class designa for your home there is no better direction to look than wooden flooring. This natural product brings life into your home while adding class and sophistication. There are many different styles of wood you can choose from, along with a huge array of stains. This keeps your… Continue reading Wooden Flooring South Africa | Natural Product

Wood. The Living Product.

When someone told me that wood is a living product even after it has been used for manufacturing, I wanted to know a few more things about it, so I read a few articles and found some interesting facts and attributes of real wood. Because wood is both fibrous and porous, it is an organic… Continue reading Wood. The Living Product.