Best Flooring Cape Town | Laminate, Vinyl & Wood

There are many flooring companies in Cape Town. Did you know that Designa floors have a flooring branch in Cape Town? You can actually find us nationwide. So if you are looking for a trusted flooring company near me. Designa floors will have you covered. We have been in the flooring industry since 1992 and… Continue reading Best Flooring Cape Town | Laminate, Vinyl & Wood

Flooring Vinyl-South Africa

Are you looking for top vinyl flooring in South Africa? Well, flooring is an important feature of every home. Making a decision can be tough, styles change your mood changes. So selecting a flooring option to be consistent through your daily living can be a big task, what options do you look at? You could… Continue reading Flooring Vinyl-South Africa

Pros & Cons of Vinyl Flooring

Looking for a cost-effective upgrade to your surfaces, then vinyl it is. Yes, vinyl flooring is synthetic, but it is durable, affordable and gives the appearance of real stone and wood, because of the variety of styles and colours, giving any space a luxurious look and feel. Unlike ceramic or porcelain, vinyl retains room temperature,… Continue reading Pros & Cons of Vinyl Flooring