Laminates Flooring Should It Be Glued Down?

So, let’s begin. Laminates: Should they be glued down? A reasonable question and one that should be explained, and the answer is NO, Because Laminates are designed to contract and expand (see Floating Floor below) depending on climate etc, glueing or nailing this type of flooring should be avoided. This could also affect your insurance… Continue reading Laminates Flooring Should It Be Glued Down?

Wood. The Living Product.

When someone told me that wood is a living product even after it has been used for manufacturing, I wanted to know a few more things about it, so I read a few articles and found some interesting facts and attributes of real wood. Because wood is both fibrous and porous, it is an organic… Continue reading Wood. The Living Product.

Pros & Cons of Vinyl Flooring

Looking for a cost-effective upgrade to your surfaces, then vinyl it is. Yes, vinyl flooring is synthetic, but it is durable, affordable and gives the appearance of real stone and wood, because of the variety of styles and colours, giving any space a luxurious look and feel. Unlike ceramic or porcelain, vinyl retains room temperature,… Continue reading Pros & Cons of Vinyl Flooring

How To Clean & Care For My Laminates?

There is nothing better than the fresh look and feel of new laminate flooring and the great thing too is that it can look just like solid wood! However, it installs with ease, costs less most of the time and has a protective layer on top which can allow your laminates to last decades. I… Continue reading How To Clean & Care For My Laminates?