Artificial Turf – An Evergreen Solution

The look and feel of lush green Field Turf or Artificial Grass is a treat, and lately, I have been seeing a lot of this around Cape Town. 

After the terrible toll of the drought that we suffered, many households lost their beautiful lawns and gardens. Pools and verges were left with beach sand instead of grass!

Not that beach sand is terrible, but not when it takes over your whole garden and blows into the house pretty much every day. 

Field Turf from Nouwens has been a wonderful addition. Bringing greenery back, giving a new space for children and pets to play as well as bringing vibrancy to the garden.

This allows for a relaxed, neat outdoor entertainment space too.

Let’s chat

about the

pros and cons…

What is the cost factor?

When entering into the decision to go with Artificial Turf, it is good to ask and get answers to questions about this wonderful grass substitute at the outset. 

This will cause you to handle your budget and cut out frustrations in the long run.

Depending on your space will depend on whether or not you will need heavy machinery to prepare your ground. 

Ask your supplier or fitter about costs upfront and get all the information you need.

Also know that while your outlay may be costly in the beginning, and you may see this as a con, the long-term benefits, such as maintenance costs, will really outweigh the initial expense, and it will soon become a pro!

Is Field Turf Pet Friendly?

It is good to research the product before you install something that is not what it is made out to be. 

In this case, Field Turf is perfectly safe and great fun for dogs and other pets. 

Pets love playing on an artificial lawn and unlike a natural lawn not only will there be no holes dug, but the grass will not die off and create bald patches where the pets have urinated.

Just a lush looking lawn all year round.

A guarantee from your supplier regarding “pet friendliness”, is always important though, just to be certain.

There are, however, companies that specifically make turf for pets, so do look out for these if you’re concerned that the standard turf won’t be adequate.

How Long Will Turf Last?

Field Turf has a life expectancy of around 8 – 10 years, maybe more if maintained properly.

Your installer will be able to determine any damage due to wear and tear and advise you regarding a replacement.

The things they will look out for are:

  1. Stitching that is coming loose making the turf separate.
  2. The colour may fade over time due to UV exposure.
  3. Drainage – this means that the subbase may need replacing if there is water pooling or there is slow drainage of rainwater.

If you are using Field Turf for your garden, and around your pool, it requires far less maintenance than would natural grass, plus that evergreen look will last. 

What About Water?

The wonderful thing about artificial turf, is that it does NOT need water.

So, whether you’re in a drought or there is plenty of water to go around, there is no need to spend any extra cash on watering your grass, putting compost down to try and re-grow grass or setting up a sprinkler system.

Evergreen is what you will have all year round with Field Turf.

Preparing the Ground.

The existing lawn will obviously need to be removed, as well as any plants and roots.

Your service provider will advise you about weed killer, which will be done at this stage. 

You may be advised to put down weed killer a couple of weeks before, depending on your garden. 

Machinery may need to be used depending on the state of your existing garden to break up the soil and roots.

You need a clean slate, as it were.  

Thereafter sand or crushed stone will be packed into place. You will need to have power tools, such as a compactor for this process. 

Waterproofing will also be put in place to allow for drainage.

Again, do your research and look for reputable companies offering this and make sure the guarantees are in place.

Laying the Field Turf.

The Turf will be unrolled onto the dried base. It will regain its shape once it is down. Simple as that.


Unlike natural grass which requires regular maintenance like cutting, watering and feeding with fertilizers if it is battling to grow, artificial turf is your solution, saving you long term.

The great advantage of synthetic turf is that you can lay it specific to your needs and not worry about it sprouting up in between tiles that may for instance be around your pool area, provided you have covered your base with weed killer before installation, as we mentioned above.

Oh, How I Love my Field Turf!

There are several reasons why the pros outweigh the cons with artificial turf, let me name a few:

  • Minimal maintenance, no weeds
  • Non allergenic, for grass sensitive folk
  • No pesky grass stains, so child friendly
  • Wonderful under my feet

There are unlimited uses for artificial turf, so let your imagination run wild!